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Shopify Services and Set up Process

Today a lot has changed and a large number of people have turned into online shopping. With the pandemic that has hit most businesses, and that threatens the livelihood of humanity, organizations and professionals can share their expertise through the Shopify Service store. 

What to know about Shopify  

Shopify is an online subscription to a software service designed that allows you to create a website and use the Shopify shopping cart to sell, manage, ship your products, and offer services to clients online. By using Shopify Services you get a panel that is easy to use where you can add products, create or generate orders and enter store data. Shopify does not only offer physical products-based online solutions but also virtual products and services. Below are examples of services offered by Shopify; 

  1. Workshops and Seminars: Shopify allows the user to create a store where clients can book for seminars and be trained online via skype and other video calls means. 
  1. Photography: Professional photographers use the Shopify platform to advertise their work through the Shopify store which in turn clients contact them for the job services. 
  1. Copy Writing: Copywriters create advertising and marketing messages for use on the websites in digital formats and through Shopify, they create their stores where they do their work for different clients. 
  1. Consulting: Professionals like accountants, IT professionals among others use Shopify to do their work for different organizations. They create an online store on the Shopify platform where interested clients can access them. 
  1. Design: Shopify is one of the online platforms that designers advertise their work. The platform allows these professionals to create a service store for their clients to reach them.  
  1. Appointment Booking: Businesses like a salon, spars use Shopify by creating online stores where their customers can book service appointments. 
  1. Classes and courses/Lessons: With this pandemic, there are many stores created by institutions that have created online Shopify stores which allow their students access academic lessons and classes. 
  1. Home Services: These services may include gardening, cleaning among others.  

Setting up a Service Shopify store  

Step 1: Signup to Shopify and Create an account 

To use Shopify Services you must have an account, so navigate to shopify.com and click on the tab Get started button. Fill in your email address, create a password, and a unique store name to allow create your store. Now click next and you will be prompted to enter your personal information. Fill in all the required information. Visit Shopify themes and choose your theme.  

Step 2: Add your Service as a product to Shopify 

After stage one above, log in to your store and you will be taken to your website where  you can Set up process by customizing your page by clicking on Add product button. Add your Service as products for your customers. 

Step 3: Modify the look of your website 

From the dashboard click on the tab Customize the Look of Your Site. Here you can use third-party apps to customize your service 

Step 4: Link Your Domain With Shopify 

In this step, you need to choose your domain to make your website live. From the dashboard page click on Add Domain button, select whether to transfer a domain or register a new domain. Follow the process to purchase the domain  and Set up process of payment method you prefer. Your Billing information and legal details,  

Step 5: Activate Your Payment  

From the dashboard click on the Payments tab to set payment gateway. You can use the Shopify processor which is easy to implement. Just follow the steps and complete setting up the payment processor. Consider the following aspects transaction fees, type of card e.g.; PayPal. Now you are all set click on the Launch Website button to make your website live and start using Shopify Services. 


Shopify services are among does not only offer service as a product but also virtual and physical products and many professionals and Marchant be it a novice or a pro have been using Shopify services to reach their clients. This service software is easy to use. The Set up Process of your online store is straightforward for anybody to be able to do on their own. In case you are stuck you can check on the Shopify experts page for guidance. Welcome to Shopify Services your number one online store service at a reasonable subscription fee. Shopify offers a time-saving solution to professionals and clients. 

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