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This tool has made work easier in lifting and tightening things such doors. Your imagination is the one that shows you where to start from and where to stop. The incredible working tool can manage a 150-kilogram weight with its small size. This is a very unique tool that has to be appreciated as its advantages can be depicted clearly. For this machine, the labor needed in a given type of job is stepped down making production great. Therefore, when the few people operate it, they get skilled in that field making their work get rated highly. 

Application areas of the Viking arm tool 

  • When installing doors  
  • In installation of windows 
  • Helps greatly in fixing cabinets 
  • In flooring  
  • Used in porch construction 
  • Making of decks  
  • Constructing frameworks  

Positive impacts the features of this tool 

  1. This tool has brought many innovations in the universe. 
  1. The user is the controller of this device. This means that the limits reached are decisions that a user is to make. They are mostly reached by imagining as it can be felt when using this tool. 
  1. During installation, the items can be lifted and tightened without struggle by this amazing tool. 
  1. The capacity is impressing as you can just hold it with your hands. 
  1. If you try to use traditional tools to do your work, you will notice that a number of them will be required so as to make it a success. This is unlike the Viking arm tool which works on its own with little power from man and complete the job perfectly.  
  1. Funds that are to be used to pay people to do some of the jobs are saved since this tool just works perfectly on its own. The way it speeds up the work is quite appreciating and this counts greatly to one’s productivity. 
  1. Installed things do not get destroyed easily as they are fixed well taking them a lot of time before another maintenance is done to them. 
  1. The job done is always perfect. 
  1. It is made in Norway  

Main specifications 

  • The tool is made of steel and also aluminum 
  • Can withstand a weight of 150-Kilograms without getting destroyed. 
  • Range of operating is six to two hundred and fifteen millimeters 
  • The standard base is 5 mm by 105 mm by 87 mm  
  • The carbon hardened optional base is 6 mm by 105 mm by 87 mm 
  • The optional base is 3 mm by 77 mm by 62 mm 
  • It has been thoroughly tested in Norway by FIMTECH proving that it is able to carry out works in a perfect way. 

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