Lionheart CX

Lionheart CX
We all know the mighty OVCX is just around the corner, but who wants to wait until that first race to find out your tubies aren’t very well glued? Lionheart CX has a simple purpose: get started and have fun. Come join us as we hang out at Kingswood, race on a fast course, and support the Lionhearts Junior Racing team.

Women 3/4, Junior Women 15-18: Lady 3s and 4s will have a good time riding with junior ladies on the course at the same time starting in the same field. It will be a good pre-season indicator of which ladies are ready for OVCX.

Men 4/5, Junior Men 15-18: t see any sandbagging. Watch as the young men try to catch and pass the older men.

Juniors 14 and under: Watch your favorite junior racers as they show what they have learned and worked on over the off season.

Masters, 45+, 55+, Single speeders, Women 1/2/3: Men, women, gears and no gears – it doesn’t matter. Results split by gender and gearing. Co-ed fun for masters while all the fast women trying to put a hurting on the men and the single gear folks lay it down.

Men 1/2, Men 3 and Men 35+: If you haven’t picked a race yet then you are one of the fast peeps and this is your race!

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