Kids On Bikes Fall Cyclocross Program

Kids on Bikes is an off-road ride for kids who have graduated from training wheels up to age 18.  The riding is focused on kids.  Parents are invited and encouraged to participate by riding along – on or off the bike.  It should not be considered a “drop-off” program, but a chance to ride with your kids.  We need adults to lend a hand because the park is very big and we need to have enough people to keep an eye on everyone.

Experienced coaches and older juniors from the Lionhearts Racing Team will lead fun and skill building exercises, bike games, and low-key practice competitions.

The purpose (besides having fun) is to build skills and to build confidence on the bike.  Participants choose to do so will be prepared to race cyclocross and will be given the opportunity to enter a few races Competition is low-key and always ability matched.

Most kids are in the age range of 7 to 14 but any age is OK and we will have some kids up to 17. What is important is that they can ride strongly enough to make progress on grass and do not need training wheels.

Day: Friday evenings beginning August 12th.  Final session is on October 21st.

  Kingswood park (formerly Kingswood golf course).
4188 Irwin Simpson Rd, Deerfield Township, OH 45040


As daylight wanes we move to earlier start times.

August 12th – September 2nd        7:00 – 8:00 pm
September 9th – October 7th        6:30 – 7:30 pm
October  14th – October 21st        6:00 – 7:00 pm

September 4th – Lionheart CX race at Kingswood Park
October 30th – Kings International CX

EQUIPMENT – any bike that fits and is in good repair.  Child needs to be able to ride without training wheels, and to have enough skill to stop, turn, etc.  Helmet Required, must be properly adjusted and buckled.  No open-toed or open-heeled shoes (no sandals, flip-flops, crocs or similar because they do not offer enough foot protection or support).  Note adults must also wear a properly fitted helmet.

KIDS ON BIKES OFFICIAL WEATHER POLICY We almost never cancel.  Light rain is not a problem, especially when it is warm.  Strong thunderstorms may cancel.  When questionable weather is present, we will announce cancellation by 1 hour before start time, by leaving a voice mail message on 403-1951. If there is no message then we are on. We will also announce cancellations on our Kids on Bikes Facebook page.

REGISTRATION:  Discounted Online pre-registration is available on at this link.  All kids who pre-register  will have access to all 11 of the sessions for the discounted cost of $50.  Week to week registration is also available on site for $5 per night.

Adults who plan to ride with the kids should also register at – there is no cost for adults as volunteers  to ride along with the kids.  Adults must also wear an approved helmet when riding.

Note that Lionhearts registration also includes membership in the Kids on Bikes fall program so Lionhearts do not need to register.  If you would like information on joining the Lionhearts, please visit

COST: $50 for the 10 week session via pre-registration.  There is no cost for adults who ride with the kids.  Multiple child discount available via online registration

$5 per week when registering on a weekly basis.

More information: